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Reviews for West Lake Chiropractic


“Was pleased with the way I was treated and satisfied with everything!”

Allen A.

Great Doctors And Staff

“Great doctors and staff! An overall wonderful experience each visit due to the care shown and willingness to educate.”

Renee S.

Wonderful Staff

“Dr. Heather and her staff are wonderful!”

Sherry O.


“Awesome experience.”

Theresa H.

Golf Without Back Pain

“The past 2 years I have played 180 rounds of golf a year without back pain. These routine adjustments combined with a good stretching program have produced “AMAZING RESULTS”. Thank you, Dr. Melling!”

Mac G.


“My concerns and injury were taken seriously and plan of action explained. Dr. Melling offered encouragement and her expertise each visit. I will definitely recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic services.”

Janet S.

Thank You

“Thanks to everyone for the care I received, have not had any problems. Much thanks!”

Nancy B.

Very Comfortable

“Dr. Melling and her staff are caring and considerate and make their patients feel very comfortable. They treat you like family.”

Ann W.


” I appreciate that I was taken seriously and that your office worked me in so quickly. When the body is in pain the mood is on its low so I don’t even know how if I was, snappy, grouchy or still myself and professional.”

Kurt L.

Life Is Good Again!

“I’ve had great results with spinal decompression. It has relieved the tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. I hardly ever have headaches now. I sleep much better. I thought surgery was my only option but spinal decompression has made my life good again!!”

Karen O.

Relief From Pain

“At Dr. Heather Melling’s chiropractic office in Denver I received several decompression treatments for the pain in my leg and back. These treatments enabled me to walk and sleep without pain. After the first two treatments there was, thankfully, a distinct relief from pain. Thank you, Dr. Melling and your staff for such great care.”


99% More Active

“I was very weary and cramped. It was slightly difficult to perform daily tasks, at work and home. I had a significant amount of numbing in my arms due to a pinched nerve. Dr. Melling utilized her chiropractic techniques and the decompression table to correct the problem. I’m 99% more active and able, thanks to her treatment. I can go out and ride my four-wheeler without discomfort again.”

Al H.

Strengthen My Back

“Dr. Melling and her staff took an x-ray which indicated I had degenerative disc issues that were causing sciatic nerve pain. Dr. Melling and her staff implemented a treatment program using the ProAlign and I began to feel the results. I then made it a goal to go through the treatments and follow the directions to strengthen my back. I wanted to be able to fight fires again with the Denver Fire Department as a volunteer.

After the treatments I am happy to report I re-qualified as an Interior Structure Fire Fighter. Along with keeping my appointments with Dr. Melling for my adjustments, I also make exercise and a healthy diet part of my routine. I am now able to climb ladders, attack the fire hose and perform all the fire fighter duties. I am blessed!”

Richard S.

Still Playing Golf

“Despite degenerative arthritis in both hips and lower back pain, Dr. Heather Melling has kept me playing golf 2-3 times a week for the past 10 years.”

Ray B.

A New Lease On Life

“I thought my neck and shoulder problems (neuropathy) were just a function of age. Dr. Melling has given me a new lease on life as I am now able to perform my normal duties without the severe pain and movement limitation. Instead of spending Sundays convalescing, I spent last Sunday weeding the garden.”

Max C.

Helped Knee Pain

“After struggling with knee pain for years, I read the article Dr. Melling posted in the Denver Weekly with enthusiasm. Here was a potential laser therapy that could possibly work and ease my arthritic knee pain.

I had been to several other doctors for physical therapy; and asteroid/cortisone shot every 2 or 3 months was not an option I wanted to pursue. I immediately called her office and scheduled an appointment and had my first treatment within a few days. After the 3rd treatment, I knew this was going to offer me the relief I had been looking for. I completed a series of 10 treatments and my knees and legs have never felt better.

I would “highly recommend” anyone with knee/leg pain give this new laser therapy a try. What have you got to lose? Except the opportunity to be pain free!!!”

Robbi S.

Amazing Customer Service

“Amazing customer service. Doctor was great at listening and spending an incredible amount of time with me. She was very personable. Overall everyone was outstanding. Thank you.”

John M.

Nice And Helpful

“I would like to say that everyone was very nice and helpful. I have never done this type of thing before. I was in pain for about two and a half weeks. But coming to you all it turned around in just two weeks. I know it is not fixed all the way and may never be, but I can live with it now. Not much pain to speak of. So a big thanks to you and your staff.”

Grady W.