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Meet Dr. Heather Melling

Pain Free Thanks to Chiropractic

Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Heather Melling

Dr. Heather Melling

Several years ago I was traveling across the U.S. and started having stabbing pains in my neck and shoulder blade. The pain kept me awake and I found myself not able to fully enjoy many of the activities I had planned for my vacation. Thankfully, part of my trip involved a stop in my home city, New York, where I had several colleagues from chiropractic school practicing.

After suffering for a little over two days and with two weeks left in my vacation, I knew that a quick trip to a fellow chiropractor would help me enjoy the rest of my time off, pain free. That is exactly what happened.

I presented myself to a friend who had been practicing in New York City for several years, who, after a brief exam found that I had pinched a nerve in the middle of my neck that was causing my pain. One tiny correction to my spine and my vacation was saved. I was in pain no more!

In that moment I realized how much I take chiropractic, my chosen profession, for granted. It made me sad to think of all the people who wouldn’t have known to quickly pop into the chiropractor’s office for pain relief before continuing their vacation. There are many people who are unaware of the powerful changes an adjustment to the spine could make to their health.


Helping Others Live Better

I’ve decided that part of my goal in practice would be to help educate people about their spine. This way not only could they help themselves to live better and pain free, but also help their friends and loved ones by sharing the stories filled with facts and results about the power of a simple adjustment! The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if interference to the nervous system is removed. As a chiropractor, that is all I do. Let the body heal itself, by removing the interference.

The ability to help people make the choices that change their health and quality of life is one of the best parts about being a chiropractor. It only comes second to the days when I am able to make a correction to the spine for a patient in so much pain and see that patient immediately feel better after it is made. Not many other health care professionals get to see immediate results in their office.

Sharing My Passion for Chiropractic

In 2015, I will be celebrating my 18th year in practice. Throughout that time, patient education has been the heart of the practice. I enjoy public speaking and over the years I have spoken about chiropractic at the chamber of commerce, the senior center and in front of various women’s groups. I love sharing my passion and enthusiasm for chiropractic with others!

Since 2009, I have served on the trustee council for Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln. I am also on an advisory board for a managed care organization that’s concerned with ensuring the quality of care at chiropractic practices based on peer reviews. Continuing to improve the image and quality of chiropractic care with my peers is fulfilling and allows for better care for all patients.

In addition to serving patients, I have a passion for serving my community. For eight years I was fortunate to serve as the entertainment chair for the East Lincoln Relay for Life. This service was a wonderful way to get to know the community and to introduce myself to local residents.

By getting to know me, you get to know chiropractic, as chiropractic is an integral and exciting part of who I am. I love coming into work every day and seeing patients who met me through Relay for Life. There’s a strong sense of community at the practice that is very special.

Outside the Office…

I enjoy practicing close to the lake and equally like my free time at home on the lake. I love boating and water skiing. I also enjoy traveling and hope to see the world in my lifetime. Music makes me happy also. Exercising is not necessarily my favorite thing to do, but I realize that, in order to be healthy and enjoy traveling, boating and skiing, it is a necessary part of life. Of course, I get maintenance adjustments, too!

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Call (704) 489-1999 or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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