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Meet Dr. Brian Hooper

Education & Background

Dr. Brian Hooper

Dr. Brian Hooper

Dr. Brian Hooper comes from a 30-year lineage of chiropractic. It’s in his blood. Both his father and stepmother are chiropractors. In fact, they were all trained at the same chiropractic school. As you would imagine, Dr. Brian received chiropractic adjustments regularly while growing up. On the playing field, he was always a little faster than his competitors. Looking back, he knows that chiropractic care helped give him the edge. Today, he realizes its necessity not only for athletic performance but for overall health.

Dr. Brian completed his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. He was valedictorian of his undergraduate class and finished his doctoral studies at the top of his class. Before joining West Lake Chiropractic, Dr. Brian practiced chiropractic and functional medicine in Wilson, NC.

Dr. Brian treats a variety of conditions, including pinched nerves, degenerated discs, and car accident injuries. He takes pride in thoroughly examining his patients, making an accurate diagnosis, educating his patients on their condition, and providing the best spinal care possible. His approach focuses on pain relief and restoring movement and strength to the spine.

Outside of Work

Outside of the office, Dr. Brian enjoys cooking, fishing, and music. Before becoming a chiropractor, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and toured with a pop-rock band called Yearling. While no Bobby Flay, his favorite food to cook is tacos. He also enjoys grilling steaks and chicken wings.


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